wine trail

a couple of weeks ago i went on the wine trail with some of my family and a friend of the family. I’ve been on the wine trail before but i was only 18 at the time and couldn’t drink. before we got to the first winery my sister brought us to a waterfall that is behind a house-very nice. the house is actually a bed and breakfast on the side of it is a place where you can take pictures of the falls. We then went to winery’s on Seneka and Cayuga Lake. The lake views at the winery were nice as were the fields and farms. i kind you not, i saw a man plowing a field with six horses. i guess i thought that that only still existed in lancaster, pa. i wish i was quick enough to take a picture, oh well, maybe next time.

tips i learned while on the trail, 1. share a tasting glass with someone, you really don’t need more than one sip. 2. make sure you eat the popcorn/oyster crackers/peanuts provided to clean your pallet inbetween wines. 3. don’t try a wine with sherry or any kind of liquor, i barely sipped it (i was warned) and my eyes ached for 15 minutes. 4. go with someone who’s been there before, my sister knew the DL on almost all of the winery’s. 5. have an idea of what type of wine you prefer ahead a time, dry, white, red, blush, semi-sweet, of dessert wine-sometimes your limited to only 5 different wines when tasting, so if you like semi-sweet try five different kinds in that category.

my favorite winery’s/wines were; Americana vineyards (sweet rosie)-dessert wine, Atwater Estate vineyards (Blush Banana Belt)-blush/sweet ant tart, Leidenfrost vineyards (Log Cabin Rose)-semi-sweet. All of these bottles were within the range of $8-$10 and can be found in our local liquor stores.

i don’t drink very often, actually very rarely but i definately enjoy the trip and plan on returning with friends soon. if you do decide to go remember to bring your ID or you’ll be enjoying grape juice. : )


~ by florriebarnett on May 11, 2007.

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