from work to ER

last friday i was waitressing and had a little accident. whats wierd is that earl was in the resturant, which rarely happens but he took the night off because he having his graduation saturday morning. so i barely remember how it exactly happened but some how i hit my wrist with my waitressing book. it stung when it happened but i really didn’t think too much about it. maybe 10 minutes later it started throbbing so i looked at it. i saw a huge blue bubble under my skin and immediately felt queasie but continued to wait on my table. as i was putting the order in i started getting really weak and so i grabbed debi a coworker and told her i wasn’t feeling well and then stumbled to a booth. debi got earl and he was talking to me and making me talk to him so i didn’t fall asleep or pass out. i remember while sitting there that i could think fine but when i went to talk only half of what i was thinking came out and very slowly. and then i started getting tunnel vision and was loosing the hearing in my right ear.

earl was with friends of ours, lindsay and dylan and i felt bad that it was awkward for them seeing all of this. not long after they left we left. but it wasn’t easy to leave because we had to wait to get my bank cashed out and close out tables, we had to rely on someone else to do it because i physically couldn’t.

got to the er inbetween 9:30-10pm. we had a couple of options of how indepth i could be examined, the long waiting way or the short waiting way. decided that the shorter way would be better for me and we still didn’t get out until midnight. we waited forever it seemed going the “faster route” and watched a couple of episodes of sex in the city-it was on the t.v. in the waiting room. not a big fan of the show, lots of casual sex and lots of drama, but wait thats like every show now.

it turns out i popped a blood vessel. gross. the blood is trapped under the skin and just gets re-absorbed into your body with time, essecially a bruise after the inflimation went down. almost passed out because i saw the bubble and my mind freaked out. which wasn’t a problem i have until recently, after i got married. anytime i see my husband cut, bleeding or in any kind of pain, i get sick to my stomache and light headed.

when we left i was so hungry, so we stopped at wegmans-i love that store. i really didn’t have much to eat which probably didn’t help me almost passing out.

so now the bruise it left is almost gone, and it barely aches anymore. i kind of feel bad i left work and everything just for a bruise/bubble i couldn’t take looking at. but oh well, i think i was due to go to the hospital for myself-its been years.


~ by florriebarnett on May 17, 2007.

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