wine trail part II

last sunday i went on the wine trail again with my sister and my friend mandy. under normal curcumstances i wouldn’t go on the wine trail in two week increments, but my friend is moving soon to boston and had never experience the wine trail before. it was fun, we went to probably 7 different wineries, most of them on senyka lake and a couple a cayuga lake. the wineries that were closed the last time i went were open which was pretty exciting. the weather was a little gloomy, raining on and off, but i managed to get some decent pictures.

i definately felt a little rushed this time. because it was sunday and many of the wineries are independent of the official wine trail, they can close whenever they want. they usually close anytime from 5-5:30 on sundays but we were worried that the independent wineries would close before that. and they almost did, but they let us still come in-and it was worth it for them because we gave them business not just the wine tasting.

this last picture was falls we passed on the side of the road, in ithica

oh yeh, didn’t see the omish guy. : ( although we did see some horse drawn carriages in the distance. : )


~ by florriebarnett on May 22, 2007.

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