student art show

saturday night my home-schooled students had a music concert and afterwards they have punch and cookies. during this post concert time i display they’re work in the reception area. i started this the first year i began teaching there, 4 years ago. its a great way for my students to show off their talent thats progressed throughout the year and helps them to become more confident.

so this was my fourth show, and the biggest one so far. i matted 33 paintings/drawings, i also made and printed labels for the artwork. while the concert was going on i put up all the artwork and i took me an hour and a half. i was also in charge of displaying the younger students artwork, which made things a little tricky.

all in all i think it turned out well. just before i left two of my students gave me a bouquet of flowers from the class. it was really cute nice and i had also recieved encouraging words from some of the mothers. they all wanted to make sure that i would be returning in the fall. i would love to and i hope that my classes at marywood will allow me to. things are up in the air for now, but everything should be settled sometime in june.


~ by florriebarnett on May 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “student art show”

  1. the flowers are rather cute

  2. the fact that earl said “rather cute” is rather cute

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