mixed emotions

sunday earl and i decided to go away for the day to celebrate being married for three years. our anniversary itsn’t until tuesday the 19th but earl works during the week. this sunday was also fathers day and its the first one without my dad being alive.

before we left to go to syracuse, earl and i went to the cemetery to put a rose on his grave. at the funeral all of my sisters, sister-in-laws and my mom took home a rose from his flower arrangement and so i thought the rose was appropriate.

on my way to syracuse…

our first stop in syracuse was to the everson art museum. it wasn’t as big as i hoped and there was an emphasized on three dimensional pieces rather than two dimensional (which i prefer) but it was still pleasant. i stood by a Henri Moore sculpture and a Jean Arp sculpture which was pretty exciting and also stood infront of a Robert Henri painting. these are artists that i’ve appreciated for a while now.

after spending a couple of hours there we went to the science and technology museum to see an IMAX movie called the ‘deep sea’. the movie was only an hour and was out of focus at times-which made me a bit nausious. the movie was also narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet which made it interesting. i’m glad we went because it was a different experience but i don’t think i would watch that particular movie again.

earl took a bunch of pictures…

for dinner we ate at an irish pub/resturant, pj dorsey’s. it was cute and bigger than you would think inside. i had a guinness in honor of my father. i am very inexperienced when it comes to order a beer, so i just picked an irish one. it was really nice spending the whole day with earl, i can definately say i love being married and that it gets better every year. : )


~ by florriebarnett on June 19, 2007.

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