School continued

This fall I’m taking three studio classes, Experimental Photography, Metals/Jewelry, and Ceramics. I don’t have background in any of these mediums, which is why I have to take them. So far I am really enjoying these classes, their challenging, but its a great experience. Out of the three classes, I would have to say that I underestimated the Jewelry class. It’s difficult hammering (forging) and it took me a while to get confident using the torch, it also takes a long time to make jewelry. Now I understand why unique jewelry costs so much. I’ve easily put in 18 hours into a necklace that i just finished.

I am also observing a high school art class at Maine-Endwell HS, five hours out of the week. So far I put in 31 hours observing, towards my certification. I need 100 hours between at least 3 different schools before I can student teach. It seems kind of silly that I have to observe, even though I taught home school art for four years. Oh well, my certification transfers into almost all of the states. So wherever we move I’ll be certified to teach there, which is also good because my PA certification won’t work in NY.


~ by florriebarnett on November 4, 2007.

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