Bundy Galleries Show

For the entire month of October my husband and I had a show at the Bundy Museum Gallery. The opening was apart of the First Friday in Binghamton, and we were also mention in the Good Times section of the Press and Sun newspaper. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of participants. Most of the people I was expecting didn’t come and the people I didn’t expect did come. People had the option of getting a tour of the museum .My friend Alicia and my brother Tommy/Christin/my Mom brought Earl and I flowers.

A couple weeks before the show Earl and I gave out postcards we had made. I didn’t know half or the people that came and it was so busy at one point that I didn’t get a chance to meet most of them. I used about half of my artwork from the Owego gallery and some additional pieces, I think it was 12-15 pieces total. Earl had more work than myself, but his frames/photographs are smaller. Because it was October, I had used most of my drawings/paintings that had skulls and skeleton’s.

After the show we went out to eat by ourselves to celebrate. In my opinion I think the show was a success and it gave us exposure to the public that would not of known our talents otherwise. It’s exciting to sell your work which both Earl and I were able to do. I also enjoyed sharing the experience with my husband.
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~ by florriebarnett on November 11, 2007.

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