A Unique Experience

Last month (November) I had the opportunity to draw my interpretation of a play. It was Fifth Annual Playwrights & Artists Festival in association with Know Theater (http://www.knowtheater.org), where artists of all mediums were invited to choose one of three plays to interpret. I chose the play that’s called The Trilogy and written by Jan Quackenbush. The play takes place at a stonewall in a Vermont, and the two main characters include a newly divorce novelist and a female alien. The play (by my interpretation) had to do with humanity/neighbors and the role of walls in our lives. If I have more time I would have made a painting instead of a drawing, but I only had two weeks to read the plays and draw. So I drew a broken stonewall in a field, and in the foreground a faint shadow of a man standing. I titled it, “Man Made.”

I went to the opening night of this play and enjoyed watching the play and seeing the directors/actors interpretation. After the play there was a Q&A with everyone who was involved in the play which included myself. Not only did I not know this before hand I was definitely unprepared and was hoping to avoid getting any question. Unfortunately the questions began with myself because I was the newest participant. I am definitely not talented when it comes to public speaking but I believe I handled myself well. Earl assured me afterwards that you could hear and understand what I was saying.

Looking back, I was glad I volunteered. It was a unique experience and I gained a different perspective on my artwork. The main charater in the play mention that when he was on stage, he was picturing my drawing as the setting. The author of the play seemed pleased with the drawing by saying that he was relieved to find it exactly how he imagined the setting.


~ by florriebarnett on December 19, 2007.

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