My New Chapter

I have officially finished all of my master level classes as of 7/28. The only thing keeping me from moving is a couple of tests and three months teaching in PA schools. It really doesn’t sound like much compared to all that I’ve completed, but during my final portion I will be without my husband. The next few weeks are going to be tough, sending out my resumes and saying good bye.

Student Teaching started on the 26th of August, which is also my birthday. The first day at Montrose Jr/Sr High went extremely well. My cooperative teacher is Cathy Regan and I will also be working with Jen Flaherty, the school’s second art teacher. Friday, I completed my first three weeks of student teaching and I have learned so much already. Since my school requires that I keep a journal to document observations and challenges that I encounter, I will be writing in this blog my week to week experiences. Here is the first three week summaries;

Week 1: Cathy and I worked on a lesson together that will have the students create an art journal/home made book. I enjoyed trying all of the different techniques before giving demonstrations of them. Cathy and I are going to create our own books to show what we are expecting as a final product.

Week 2: Had a chance to observe one of Jen’s eighth grade classes. I was later asked if I would like to experience teaching a lesson to her eighth grade classes beginning the following Monday. Of course I accepted and began planning a clay bowl lesson incorporating Native American pictorial symbols. I wanted to include the culture the eighth graders would be learning about during this time in their history class, which is the early European explorers and their exposure to the Native Americans.

Week 3: Started teaching the clay bowl lesson that will only take one week to complete, not including the firing and glazing. The lesson in my opinion was a successful and worth using in a future class. The homemade book is coming along and almost complete, the final step in the process is to create the cover which I will be designing Monday. Also on Monday, my supervisor will be observing me for the first time giving a lesson on an introduction to oil pastels.

*In future posts I promise to be include pictures of the projects*


~ by florriebarnett on September 14, 2008.

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