Week 6 and 7 of Student Teaching

8th Grader's Clay Bowls

8th Grader's Clay Bowls

Its incredible how fast these weeks are going by. My fear is that I won’t learn everything I should during this time before moving on to my next placement. It’s going by so quickly that I’m having a hard time doing a summary every week and that is why this post has two weeks summarized.

Week 6 summed up-This week my students were wrapping up projects and beginning new ones. The 8th graders finished their clay bowls, started and have almost finished their monotype prints. Art 2 (10th grade) are finishing their previous project with Mrs. Regan and have seen my introduction to paper making. Art 3 (11th grade) are getting close to finishing their art journals, including their covers-which I can’t wait to display!

Week 7 summed up-New projects are in the making! The 8th graders are beginning a compressed paper relief, using a plaster mold. Art 2 has began making their pulp and paper. Some have already started their second pulp color and are coming up with interesting combinations of colors, mixed media on top of the paper, and shaping the outside edges. Art 3 has began brainstorming and drawing their faces, getting ready to start painting their introspective selfportraits. I did a painting demonstration for them while looking in a mirror and gave one of demo portraits to Mrs. Regan as a present.-I signed and dated it.

Here is some of my student’s finished clay bowls…


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