Art Show Part II

Wes Ehret and son Griffen enjoying performance art

Wes Ehret and son Griffen enjoying performance art

The second part of the Art Show/Coffee House on the Main was on Saturday October 18th from 7pm-9pm.  I worked that Saturday but was able to get there by 7:15. Because I was a little rushed, I didn’t re-charge my camera’s batteries and so I was only able to get a few pictures.

I was greatful to have short conversations with David Taylor and his wife Phaedra, who were the guests of honor at the event.  They are from Texas and have been apart of the art community for many years.  Its refreshing to talk with people who have the same passions as yourself. I’m looking forward to future conversations with them, I am confident that our paths will cross again. It some what difficult to have discussions during the performance art, not just because it was loud but it felt a little rude talking through their performances.  I would suggest for the next show to have more frequent and longer breaks in between acts for people to respond in discussions. This cafe show I believe is the first time UCCC incorporated more than just visual arts and I commend their successful and unique rendition .

While the performance artists recieted short stories, and sang their original songs, the aspiring visual artists work was hanging up for all to enjoy.  I was one of five artists who had the privilege to jury the works that would be displayed in the Coffee House Show.  The mediums of the pieces included textiles, mixed media, prints, paintings, paintings with coffee, drawings, ceramics, wood sculptures and photography.

For more information and images of the show you can go to Tamara’s blog or UCCC’s website.


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