Second Week of my Second Placement


This past week was interesting to say the least.  I will briefly explain why; Monday, full day-went reletively smooth, Tuesday, snow day, Wednesday, snow day, Thursday, half day, Friday, taught my first two lessons and then had to leave due to my horrible neck pain.  Oh, and the best/worse part is that Friday, was Halloween, so the kids were off the wall. Even the “good” classes had so much energy and the average class noise level was up about 10 decimals.  It was nice having the weekend to recoup from my aching neck and the thought of starting fresh Monday.  I’m looking forward to perfecting the deliverance of my lesson introductions and deciding on at least two more lessons for two different grades. Since I’m working with 6th and 5th currently, I might do Kintergarden and 1st grade next to mix things up.


~ by florriebarnett on November 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Second Week of my Second Placement”

  1. hope your neck is feeling better? what happened?
    thanks for the updates!

  2. I don’t know what I did exactly. When I woke up Thursday morning I was in horrible pain, I must have slept on it wrong. But I am practically pain free as of today. Thanks for being concerned Tami! :0)

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