Week 3 of My Second Placement

Marbleized paper for the handmade book

A students' marbleized paper for the handmade book

This past week was filled with revising lesson plans and sorting out which grades I would be adding to my schedual.  On Monday, I experienced shadowing a substitute.  It was good for me to understand the role of a substitute, and I think it was good for the students recognize me more as their teacher. Instead of asking the substitute for guidance, the students came to me.

Tuesday was our national voting day and I was surprised to hear the students discussing who they would vote for. It was interesting how passionate the students were about politics and the running candidates. The discussions became so heated that we had to change the subject.

Surreal demo

Surreal demo

Picasso portrait demo

Picasso portrait demo

The surreal paintings for the 6th grade are coming progressing. Both classes are still in the beginning stages, but are successfully brainstorming and sketching out ideas.  I completed the demonstration for this lesson, along with a Picasso oil pastel drawing for the 4th grade lesson. My supervisor observed me while I taught the Picasso portrait lesson.  The observation went well and the only thing I really needed to concentrate on is the closing part of the class, wrapping up ideas and communicating what they’ll be doing  the next time we meet.


~ by florriebarnett on November 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Week 3 of My Second Placement”

  1. excellent. you are going to be an excellent teacher, Florrie. wish you could have been mine…what a difference you would have made.

  2. Hi, My name is Caitlin Quinn and I stumbled onto your blog while looking for Picasso Portrait assignments. I too am about to begin my student teaching for art and theatre and I was wondering about your blog, are you just doing it to have somewhere to report your experience or did your supervisor ask you to create one so that he/she could keep up with how it’s going for you? This has got me thinking and any advice you could give on Student Teaching and creating a blog to support it would be great.

    Thanks so much and I hope it has been going well for you!

    Caitlin Q

  3. Hi Caitlin! My blog is designed to be an extension of myself as an artist and an art teacher. It’s not required for student teaching, but I have told my supervisor about it so she can read it week to week if she wants to. My goal is to connect with people who are teaching, or artists or art appreciators. It’s a great place for me to reflect on the impact of art in my life and all other contributing variables.

    Thanks for commenting! I would love to hear your opinion on my lessons! Feel free to use any and all of my lesson ideas.

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