My Final Week! (Week Seven of My Second Placement)

This week was a blur! I’m so glad I’ve been journaling everyday so I can remember all that I’ve experienced. I’ll summarize by breaking it down each day;

Tuesday: First day back from Thanksgiving break went smoothly. The 6th graders started finishing their surreal projects.  Because winter break is only a few weeks away, Shannon wanted to start the younger grades Christmas clay projects. We showed them how to assemble a clay Santa, hand prints for Kindergarten,  and we were able to take care of two of the four first grade/Kindergarten classes.

Wednesday: My supervisor observed my for the final time and the students were very well behaved. All of the grades earned a lot of stickers.  I continued helping Shannon with the clay projects while taking as many pictures as possible.

Thursday: The students had way too much energy today, I think it’s because they excited for Christmas break to come.I finished the final lesson in the surreal project with the 6th graders, continue the 5th grade books, and continued Shannon’s “op art weave” lesson and Picasso portraits.

Friday: Last day. When I first came in, Shannon gave me a book on the artist Marc Chagall that I’ll be able to teach with. Shannon and some of the others teachers gave me a surprise party at lunch and she also made a poster for me signed by the 1st graders. I finished all of my Visual Aid of the students artwork for my Art Ed Portfolio and collected all of the demonstration pieces.

It was a great last week and I’m going to miss all of the students and the faculty that helped my teaching experience to be so memorable.

I’ve having some minor problems with adding pictures to this post, but here are some of the second grader’s Frida inspired self-portraits…I love how they turned out. I’ll be posting more pictures of my students work soon as well as my pro’s/con’s/difference between the Jr/Sr High and the Elementary level.









~ by florriebarnett on December 22, 2008.

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  1. cool artwork!

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