The Pro’s to Teaching Art in an Elementary and Jr/Sr High School Levels

While student teaching, I took mental notes considering the pro’s of teaching art at different age levels.  My notes were designed to help me decide which level I would prefer to work with and figured that someone else could also benefit from them. I’ve broken the levels into two groups, the Elementary and Jr/Sr High.
At the Elementary Level:

  • Students think anything you’ve made is beautiful
  • Students get easily excited, making learning fun
  • Students are eager to please
  • They love to keep busy with tasks
  • They don’t prefer substitutes over the teachers
  • They thrive in structure and systems, as long as they get some free time
  • Students want to be known and will tell you everything about themselves
  • They’re not afraid to call themselves artists and what they make is art
  • And last but not least, they are really cute at this age

At the Jr/Sr High Level:

  • Students need you to prove to them by seeing your artwork or watching a demonstration
  • I enjoyed creating the demonstration pieces and visual aid (you get to create and teach)
  • Students enjoy not having to take a test
  • Students artistic skills really begin to manifest
  • Students want to make the creative decisions for themselves
  • Students can begin building a portfolio for college
  • They can adjust easily to a substitute
  • Students, for the most part, choose to be in art class (it’s not always required past ninth grade)
  • You can have more in depth conversations about aesthetics

After looking at all of the pro’s, I’m still not sure what grade level I would prefer. I’m glad that my certification is K-12, and I think I’ll be happy working at any of the levels.

Is anyone willing to share what their prefered level is and why? I’d love to hear!


~ by florriebarnett on February 5, 2009.

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