10 Things I Learned From Job Fairs


I have found that one of the best ways to begin making contact with schools is to attend any and all of the teaching job fairs that your state offers. So far, I have been to four, down here in Georgia. I am writing this post on behalf of anyone who has not gone to a job fair before and is curious what to expect. It would have liked some advice, and an explanation on what to anticipate.

Before you leave your house:

1. Register. Prior to attending, the job fair may require registering and/or applying to the county/school online.  Some may also give you the opportunity to set up a quick interview on that same day

2. Do some research. It’s also wise to do some research on the schools/counties being represented in case you’re fortunate enough to get into a conversation or interview.

3. Arrive early. Try to arrive at least a half-hour early to the event, I would leave two hours early if you live in the Atlanta area.

4. Print out resumes. If you have applied to the schools before the job fair, it is not necessary to make copies of your certification, letters of recommendation, or transcripts.  These should already be in your online file, but bring the originals in your portfolio.

5. Dress your best, a suit for both genders and ties for guys.  I prefer the dress pants/suite instead of the skirt/suite.  It is appropriate for women to wear the skirt/suite, but the length of the skirt could be an issue, and that is why I avoid it.

At the job fair:

6. Initiate conversations. Standing in lines or waiting in rooms can be painfully boring. I recommend starting up conversations with the person in front or behind you. It makes the time go by faster and makes you less nervous/anxious.

7. Take notes. In order to keep track of what schools you talked to (the person you talked to) and who is hiring in your field, write down the information before going to the next table.

8. Ask about substituting. The school maybe looking for substitutes, if they are not hiring in your field but working at the school can get your foot in the door.

9. Have questions ready. If you do have an interview set up at the job fair, remember to have a couple of questions to ask them at the end of the interview.

10. Collect pamphlets. Almost all of the tables will have a folder filled with information on the school, salary scales, benefits, and information about the schools surrounding community. These pamphlets will come in handy when you are considering what school is right for you.

I look forward to hearing any comments or more suggestions/advice.


~ by florriebarnett on February 26, 2009.

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