The High Museum Special Exhibitions


Last Saturday, I attended an introductory meeting for people interested in volunteering at the High Museum.  This was my first visit to Atlanta’s fine art museum.  After the meeting I was able to look through the museum and through the special exhibitions which include;

The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army

Louvre Atlanta: The Louvre and the Masterpiece

The Treasure of Ulysses Davis


The First Emperor exhibit was very crowded, but it was during the weekend.  The exhibit was design well, compensating for the high traffic.  I wasn’t able to read all of the educational posters but may go back again before it ends, which is on April 19th. I was most impressed with the terracotta soldiers of course, along with the miniature horse drawn carriages-these were to help the emperor travel in the next world.  The terracotta figures were amazing, over six foot tall, in immaculate condition ( especially considering when they were created), and had incredible detail. I could talk about these pieces and the history of them for hours.


The Louvre and the Masterpiece was also impressive.  I usually gravitate toward the paintings, but in this case, I stayed in the room with all of the Antonio di Puccio Pisanello drawings for a while.  Pisanello was  an Italian Renaissance artist during the same time as  Leonardo da Vinci, but he wasn’t nearly as recognized. The drawings were thought to have been created by da Vinci, but in light of new research, it was discovered that the drawings were Pisanello’s.  I find all of this fascinating.


The Treasure of Ulysses Davis exhibit was more removed from the emporers traffic, which let me take my time to appriciate the collection of his life’s work.  Ulysses Davis was a comtempory artist from Georgia.  Davis’ was a self-taught folk-like style, three dimensional artist, primarily working with wood.  He was a creative and spiritual man who was very proud of his country.  The piece he is most famous for are of the American presidents.  The entire piece was at the museum which included President Washington-President Bush (Sr).

If you live or will be in the Atlanta area anytime soon, I would recommend visiting these exhibitions. The special exhibitions are only temporarily here, the Terracotta Army ends in a couple of weeks (April 19th) , the Louvre artwork it there until September 5th,  and Ulysses Davis work will be at the museum until April 5th.


~ by florriebarnett on April 4, 2009.

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