Final Montessori Post

Community Artwork

The Color Shapes lesson was suggested by my mentor teacher.

The objective is to create shapes using color mixtures while discussing warm and cool colors. After the painting dries, use a black crayon to circle the shapes that were made.


  • Watercolor paper (or any paper that can hold paint without warping)
  • Tempera (poster) paint
  • Black crayons
  • Brushes
  • Plates for mixing

Student's Work

Student's Work

Lesson Notes:

  • Students had difficulty filling the entire paper
  • All of the students loved mixing the paints
  • The next time, I would have students mix paint on their plates and on their paper, maybe this would help them fill in the space

The last day at the Montessori school.  Final project that tied together the two-week theme, “Texture America Flag,”Since my students loved the textured rubbings so much, I made up a lesson using more texture plates and incorporating the two week theme, “America the Beautiful.”  All of the students participated and helped assemble the final touches.


  • Texture plates
  • Crayons (red and blue)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Foam poster board (one)
  • Cotton balls (left over from the stain glass window lesson)

Community Flag

Close-up of Community Flag

My goal, besides integrating cross-curricular ideas into art, was to do lessons students would be able to replicate at home.  I am happy to say that I think both of these things were accomplished.  Art does not have to be made from expensive materials, especially at this level of development.  I enjoyed this experience very much, and I welcome more summer teaching opportunities at any Montessori schools.

Other projects we made that I did not list were Paper Marbleizing and Stain Glass Window lesson.


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