Fun Painting Techniques to Try

Sometimes it’s just fun experimenting (playing) with paint. Abstract art isn’t even my forte, but again sometimes you just need get outside of the ‘normal’ painting routine.

This is a two layers painting using Acrylic paint and Vaseline.

1. Using acrylic paints, paint the background of a prepared surface-stretched paper, canvas board, or stretched canvas.
2. After the acrylic paint has dried, spread Vaseline over the areas that you want the background to come through.
3. Then choose a color not in your background ( I chose black) to paint over everything, even over the Vaseline.
4. When the second layer of paint is dry, use a paper towel to wide off the areas that had the Vaseline. Depending on how thick of an amount the Vaseline was applied (thick areas come off easier), you may need to use some more pressure to remove it.

Here is another example.

Experimental Painting

While your making one, you’ll find yourself already planning the second one. If you do try it, let me know how it went. Especially if it’s done in the classroom!

~ by florriebarnett on July 30, 2012.

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