How to Artistically Impact State Tests

A sixth grade teacher asked if we could be an community piece to help motivate the student before their state tests. Something to bring student’s together AND help with motivating them? How could I say, “No.”

The piece is made out of a huge piece of cardboard that is being supported by wood stretchers that had been screwed into it with washers. Once the base was complete, students helped construct a giant circle that was filled with papermache (newspaper strips, flour and water). After the papermache dried, I used a marker to outline the continents.

After lunch, classes went out side (two at a time) and made their impact. Students placed their hand in either blue or green and made a hand print on the world.

Of course I touched-up the paint and added the text after all of the classes came through. The final product was displaying in our Commons Area during the week of our standardized tests.

Created to help motivate student’s before their state tests

~ by florriebarnett on August 10, 2012.

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