Flash Mob Art Show

Art Show in LaGrange GA, sponsored by the VAAL (Visual Art Alliance of LaGrange)

The idea is to have a spontaneous art show, well with a lot of advertising that is. A venue was picked and here were the guidelines:
-Art work that is 18″x24″ or smaller can be used
-The most you can do is 3 pieces, to enter them is $1 per piece
-The artwork has to be put up with four push pins-thats all, if its too heavy, you can’t enter it (so no framed work)
-If your medium is ceramic for example, you would then print out a
picture of it and pin that up.
-Price is up to the artist, taking into consideration the 20% venue
-Artists hung up their artwork from 9am-4pm. The “show” was
from 6pm-9pm.

Venue for the Show, held at the “Artists in Residence” house.

Notice that the walls are practically bare by the end of the show.

It was quite difficult finding artwork light-weight enough to be pinned up. Most of my work is matted and framed. So I went with a etching print, a small portrait oil painting and an acrylic abstract piece.

The three pieces I submitted

Notes from the show:

I showed up at 8 and heard that the first hour and a half was packed. They had no idea how the turn out was going to be-this was their first time doing it. There was empty spots on the wall, so I assume quiet a few pieces were sold.

The experience was totally worth it. If not for just getting exposure and building contacts. I recognized a women I had met months before at our states Art Education Conference. A women I had briefly met at an Art Ed conference that last October was present and even in a position of leadership. You never know who you will connect with within the art circuit, finding people with similar interests and building relationships/contacts at the same time.

They want me to become about of the Visual Art Alliance of LaGrange

The show was covering in the local news and someone was asked to document it by making this little movie. You can see me entering the building. I’m the one wearing glasses that looks like she just rolled out of bed…because I did. Oh, and some of my husband’s photographs are shown. He sold one of them.-very proud of him btw.

If you try this, please let me know how it went. AND if you local (anywhere near LaGrange, Ga), I may just participate.

~ by florriebarnett on August 14, 2012.

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